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 It all started with an idea from three cyclists with a common concern about mental health. With the intention of making a difference from Montreal to Paris, they launched THE 4MIND PROJECT. The aim of this initiative was/is to promote mental health through group bike rides at companies and inspire their community by contributing to world-class cycling races. As our project grows and new partnerships are formed, we will always keep the same mission; however, we have/are developed/ing a multi-faceted platform that will not only take athletes to the next level in their cycling journey but also engage the broader community – all while bringing awareness to mental health.

 In 2022 and onwards, our goal is quite simple - provide a platform (international UCI race calendar & easily accessible resources) for aspiring world tour level cyclists and bring awareness to mental health. Although this may appear simple at face value, we have strategically built both a foundation that is conducive to optimising athletic potential and developing community relations. At Yoeleo Test Team 4MindProject, we emphasise a series of core values that stretch all the way from our riders to the broader community. We categorise these values into our two main movements - #togetheringlory and #mindstrong.

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1. A recognition of personalised internal struggles – being able to sympathize and empathize with the individual who is struggling.

2. Committing or pledging to a cause - pushing yourself to your physical limit, becoming the best individual that you can be.

When we first started the team, we initiated the #Mindstrong movement on a community scale - raising awareness of the disease that is plaguing our society - all the way from young adults to the elderly. Mental health doesn't discriminate and we want to remove the traditional stigma/notion of 'suffer in silence'. We all go through ups and downs in life... and we should be able to reach out to one another for advice, support, and to develop a sense of belonging and community. 

We are now at the point of expansion, partnering with global platforms that allow us to raise awareness from both a monetary standpoint (RCPSQ, access to affordable bikes - Yoeleo), as well as social (Zwift, UCI events, and Classique Des Bos Franc). Are aim is to connect those with similar interests (passion for cycling) and provide a platform for young aspiring cyclists - which will ultimately alleviate the many burdens that come along with poor mental health. Together we can do this. Together we will change the way mental health is viewed. Together we can become the best individuals that we can be #mindstrong




1. A collective that provides unconditional support to one another - sacrificing self interest for the greater good.

Similar: family - team - unit - squad


1. Committing or pledging to a cause - pushing yourself to your physical limit, becoming the best individual that you can be.

Results come from hard work, determination, and most importantly - being comfortable with your teammates and developing a relationship that's built off comradery & trust. However, a team is more than just the riders within, it's the management, staff, partners, and community. The #togetheringlory movement signifies our commitment to one another, mental health initiative #mindstrong, and allows us and our global community to communicate with one another via social media. Our community spans around the globe – from North America, Europe, and even Australia. Every time you post a picture with #togetheringlory, you are letting us know that you support our cause, support our riders, support our staff, and are truly a part of the 4mind community. We couldn’t do it without you #togetheringlory

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Yoeleo racerider announcements (1).png
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